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Creating the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile: Step 7 – Education, Honors, Awards, Interests and Organizations

Posted by Federal Marketing Insights on August 25, 2015 at 2:15 PM

LinkedIn_awards_educationEditors note: This is a guest blog post written by LinkedIn Expert/Trainer & Award Winning GovCon Consultant Mark Amtower.  He is the Host of Amtower Off Center on Federal News Radio.

This may seem like a miscellaneous category, but each of these elements can enhance your profile.

First, any post-high school education should be listed. Many people include high school, which is a great idea for those only a few years out of school and for those looking for long, lost friends. While this may seem more appropriate for a platform like Facebook, I have made more than a few good connections this way

Honors and awards can be from schools, civic or professional associations, and can include almost any significant accomplishment in your background. Each of these shows a deeper level of commitment and involvement in whatever you have done.

Your interests section is more of a personal information category. It adds a humanizing dimension to your business profile and allows you to share (if you wish) things you do in your “off” time: reading, sports, TV viewing habits, music preferences and more. If you play golf, it would be good to list that as much business still occurs on the golf course.

Organizations are the civic, religious and professional associations you belong to. You should list both the full name and the acronym it is known by, if any.

While these may seem mundane, for people who want to know you better it affords them the ability to look for shared interests.

The caveat is list only those items you really want your business associates to know about.



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