Expert Edition: Cyber - Download Now!

Expert Edition: Cyber - Download Now!

The Office of Personnel Management’s two data breaches affecting 22.1 million people have given cybersecurity a starring role in the drama playing out across government. There are expectations for the supporting roles of the chief information officer, the chief information security officer and other IT security experts to deliver the performances of their lives.

The stakes are high.

This Expert Edition: Cyber collects the facts and stories highlighting the somewhat troubled and somewhat inspiring state of federal cybersecurity at the moment. This ebook underscores the vast amount of cyber work going on across civilian, Defense and Intelligence Community agencies, including federal CIO Tony Scott’s effort to form a more secure union; the outputs of newly stood up cyber Defense headquarters; and standards for sharing information and hiring talent.


In this edition, you will find:

  • Federal CIO Scott Turns Up Temp on Cyber, IT Spending Decisions
  • DHS Awards $1B Cyber Contract to Protect Agency Networks
  • A New Idea for Measuring Cyber Progress
  • New Cyber Threat Center Hits Stride In October
  • DoD Raises Cyber Accountability
  • DoD Cyber Defense Headquarters Flexing Muscle in First Months
  • Retaining Cyber Talent is All About the Bottom Line
  • Navy Rolls Out New Five-Year Cyber Strategy
  • DHS Introduces STIX, TAXII Service for Cyber
  • US-CERT’s Do’sand-Don’ts for After the Cyber Hack

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