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Five Reasons E-books Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Gwen Vito on December 23, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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E-books are not only a respected source for content, but a powerful ebook-libraryv2.jpgmarketing tool as well. E-books, as part of a content marketing strategy, can give brands an opportunity to deeply connect with their target audience. E-books are not intended to make money directly but the real profit comes from the consulting and keynotes that result from related leads and thought leadership positioning. 

When executed well, e-books are great tools to increase lead generation, align your business with a topic, build thought leadership, educate your target audience and build brand awareness. 

Although there are many more, here are five of the top reasons marketing with e-books works:
  1. Lead generation - An e-book is a great way to expand and build your user database. E-books can be passed around and shared over the Internet. Users register with basic information in order to download or view the content. Over time, you will generate many qualified leads as the people who have downloaded it are interested in the topic your business provides a solution for.

  2. Content alignment - Your audience will begin to associate your business with categorical authority and the go-to company when they need a product or service.

  3. Thought leadership - Content of the e-book should not be solely product focused, but provide information on a particular topic to the reader. The more quality information you provide, the more faith your customers will have in your company's expertise.
  4. Educating your audience - What does your audience need help with? What topics do they most often ask about? Take these pain points and turn them into useful pieces of content to share as an incentive for downloading an e-book. You will receive a new lead and contact information and they will receive the information they need.

  5. Building brand recognition - E-books can complement your existing brand and present a professional image. When it comes to marketing, the more content you produce, the better. Each content channel supports and promotes the others. E-books are a great addition to your marketing plan and will increase your brand’s overall exposure.  

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