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Facebook Can Support Your Marketing Plan

Posted by Gwen Vito on January 13, 2016 at 11:00 AM

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Facebook is the most widely used social media platform around the ThinkstockPhotos-491502108.border.jpgglobe but is excluded from many marketing plans. This is not without good reason, though. Facebook is a personal network and most people only use it for personal reasons, unlike LinkedIn and to some degree Twitter. Facebook may not be seen as a marketing tool because users may be reluctant to bring businesses into their personal lives. In addition, some agencies and businesses have even blocked Facebook to their employees. Federal workers can be limited in social media activities, such as expressing political views, and may avoid Facebook completely. However, Facebook usage by government employees continues to be on the rise so this may be a powerful untapped resource.

According to the 2015 Federal Media and Marketing Study by Market Connections, Facebook usage by government employees is up from 57% in 2014 to 64% in 2015, and is the most used social media site by Federal Employees (when compared to Twitter and LinkedIn). According to Facebook, 1.4 billion people use the social media site to connect with what matters to them and 900 million people use it every day. The PEW Research Center reports that more Facebook users than twitter users post about government and politics and are using social media to connect with politicians. For all of these reasons, it may almost be detrimental not to have a presence on Facebook. The important thing is to do it correctly. Here are a few tips to maximize your federal marketing presence on Facebook:

Make your page consistent with your brand. Your Facebook page is another channel for your company’s voice. Make your profile picture and description consistent with your company’s website. Any people associated with the company page should also keep their Facebook page updated.

Provide relevant and timely content. Tailor your content to be relevant to your followers. Consistently share your organization’s work. Quality is more important than quantity - try to post daily but not more than once per day.

Engage your followers and customers. Your followers will become your brand ambassadors. Create engaging posts that they are likely to share as that will increase traffic back to your page or website. Respond to comments in a timely manner so that your customers feel connected to you.

Take advantage of all the tools available to connect with your customers. Facebook offers several advertising features. Boosting a post will maximize the reach of your organic content. You can choose audiences based on location, age, interests and more. Posts can be boosted for as little as $5 per post.

The bottom line is not to miss out on this opportunity while it is still popular. Having a good presence on social media is consistently becoming more important to marketing plans. Share your insights about using social media for marketing in the comments section.

Recently, Federal News Radio boosted a post to help promote an e-book from VION Corporation, which helped to promote downloads and traffic to the company's website. Click on the picture below to see the link from Facebook.


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